Our Process


How it works:
We handle everything on the app at zero cost for you. Including but not limited to development, design, user support, video editing, servers, maintenance etc. In exchange, we take a % of revenues. 

You are really busy balancing multiple projects in parallel. Most of our trainers thought making an app would be too time consuming and overwhelming, but we make it super easy. Time commitment is ~10 hours for launch and ~1 hour a week moving forward. 


1. Brainstorm (1 week)We work together to create the perfect app that fits your training and philosophy. We are open to all of your ideas and will provide input from our experience. 

2. Design (1 week) We will send you app designs based on our brainstorming session. Here you can give us feedback. We will re-iterate the designs until we get them perfect! 

3. Development (6 weeks) We convert the designs to real life code :)

4. Content (1 day) While the app is under development, one of our videographers will set up a location and record / edit all of the content. 

5. Launch Strategy - We craft a launch strategy for the app. Here we maximize downloads and revenue. 

6. Live App (~8 weeks total) -  We go from brainstorming sesh to top of the revenue charts :)

7. Monthly Check - You collect a monthly check! The app can be either one time purchase or subscription depending on the content! 

We tweak and optimize keywords for organic downloads, handle all user support emails, bugs, add features to the app and any other maintenance!